Thursday, January 18, 2018

Limit Switches – Micro Switches Perth

Power Control Products have in stock a wide range of Limit Switches – Micro Switches, available in Perth and Australia Wide.

Thermoplastic Limit Switches

Safety limit switches are suitable for stopping dangerous machinery movements on opening of machine guards or protective covers.

Available with different type of actuators and controls and with adjustable turret heads which can be rotated through 360° in 90° steps, they can be installed with a wide variety of opening mechanisms.

Models Available

Aluminium Limit Switches

Protection IP66
Cable input M16x1,5
Positive opening
Different operators typologies
Contact elements with independent action (quick switch) or conditioned action (slow switch)
Categories of use: AC-15, DC-13

Pre Wired Thermoplastic Limit Switches

Self-extinguishing thermoplastic item V0
Protection IP67
Double isolation
Cable PCV UL 5×0,75 mm
Cable output: vertical or horizontal
Cable length: 2 mt, or upon request
Category of use: AC-15, DC-13
Contacts 1NO+1NC with slow action
Different operators typologies

Micro Limit Switches

Changeover contacts
High reliability snap action contacts
Silver alloy self cleaning contacts
Positive opening NC contact
7 versions available