Thursday, January 18, 2018

ZENER AC Soft Starters

SMARTSTART 6000 Series

The Zener SMARTSTART 6000 Soft Starter is an electronic
motor starter offering the latest technology in motor control and

With SMART-TORQ, a sophisticated Torque Control System that
provides optimum control of the motor acceleration and
deceleration for a wide variety of applications and load types.

The SMARTSTART 6000 controls the torque in the motor to
produce a linear acceleration and deceleration of the motor shaft
speed for variable and constant torque loads.

The SMARTSTART 6000 is a robust design suitable for all types
of loads, applications and starting conditions.


SMARTSTART 6000 Key Features:

■ SMART-TORQ Torque Control System
■ Linear Acceleration & Deceleration
■ Solution to water hammer problems
■ Comprehensive Operator ‘DASHBOARD’ Display
■ Advanced protection for Motor & Load
■ Extensive Input/Output capability
■ Designed & Manufactured in Australia

Advanced Protection

■ Adjustable Voltage & current imbalance
■ Motor Overload Proection with selectable class; 5, 10, 10a,
15, 20, 30
■ Motor Thermistor or thermal switch Protection
■ Electronic Shear Pin / Over Torque Protection
■ Over Current Protection
■ Under Current / Under Torque Protection
■ Incorrect Phase Rotation
■ Acceleration Over time
■ Starter Over Temperature Protection
■ Motor Stall Protection

SMART-TORQ Torque Control

SMART-TORQ is a Torque Control System developed by ZENER to provide greater control over the torque generated in the motor during acceleration and deceleration.

The torque available in the motor is controlled to achieve a linear acceleration in motor shaft speed.

This control system is also active during the deceleration phase to provide a soft stop to overcome problems associated with water hammer in pumping applications.

Control & I/O Capabilities

■ 4x Programmable Relays
■ 2x Programmable Inputs with delay function
■ 1x Enable input
■ 1x programmable analogue output
■ 1x Thermistor Input
■ Low Voltage control
■ Modbus Communications
■ Ethernet Communications
■ Selection of Control Supply Voltages

Ideal for:

The SMARSTTART 6000 is suitable for all load types typically associated with the following industries.

■ HVACR; Heating ventilation Airconditioning & Refrig.
■ Irrigation & Pump Control
■ Water & sewerage Applications
■ Mining & Heavy Industrial
■ Agricultural Applications
■ Material Handling Applications
■ Positive displacement Pumps
■ Food & Beverage production
■ Manufacturing

Choice of Control Supply Voltages

The SMARTSTART 6000 comes standard with a 24VDC control supply.

For ease of installation and compatablily wiith installations using other control supplies, the SMARTSTART 6000 is available with a range of control supply options.

These include;
■ 24VDC (Standard)
■ 240VAC (All Models, except 1000V)
■ 18VAC (All Models)
■ Self Powered, 415VAC (6R15 to 6R80 Only)
■ Other AC voltages on request.

Comprehensive Operator ‘DASHBOARD’

The SMARTSTART 6000 ‘Dashboard’ provides a plain english readout of various operational data including;

■ Operating Status
■ Thermal capacities
■ Electrical Status; Voltage,Power, Current,
■ Power Status; PF, Power, Torque
■ Phase voltages & Imbalance
■ Phase Currents & Imbalance
■ Counters; Starts / trips
■ Meters; Run Hrs / kWhrs
■ Last trip


Semiconductor Fuse Kits

Semiconductor fuse kits are available to provide protection in the
event of an output short circuit.


Option Boards

  • Data Logging & SD card Slot:
    Provides Data logging function, where the data is stored on a SD
  • Communications: Ethernet (Modbus)
    Provides Ethernet communications and also includes the data
    logging function.

Remote Console

A remote console option kit is available to allow the SMARTSTART
6000 console to be remotely mounted to IP66. The remote console operates in conjunction with existing local console.

The console can be locked out to prevent unauthorised entry to the parameters.


415Vac 3 Phase, 3 Wire / Bypass


415Vac 3 Phase, 6 Wire / Bypass


600-1000Vac 3 Phase, 3 Wire / Bypass