Friday, February 23, 2018
Snap Action Tilt Switch - Power Control Products

LP01 – S2 Snap Action Tilt Switch

Leveltec Snap Action Tilt Switches are manufactured in Australia.

  • High bin level indication and/or control.
  • Plugged conveyor transfer point detection.
  • Plugged chute detection.
  • Crusher bowl level indication and/or control.
  • Conveyor loss of feed indication and/or control.
  • Conveyor belt drift indication and/or alarm.
  • Boom stackers.
  • Radial stackers.
Snap Action Brochure
mercury tilt switch

LP04-S2 & LP04-R Mercury Tilt Switch

  • High bin level indication.
  • Blocked or plugged chute detection
  • Available in chrome steel or stainless steel.
  • Wear plates available.
  • H/duty cable available.


LP04 S2 Brochure LP04 R Brochure
Thermo Tilt switch

Thermo Tilt Switches are manufactured in Australia.
Combination Tilt and Over Temperature Switch.

  • Mercury tilt switch 1 N/C contact
  • Thermal bimetal switches 2 N/C contacts
  • Available with different temperature ranges.



Thermo Tilt Switch Brochure