Friday, February 23, 2018

Paddle Flow Switches



The F20 flow switch is a tough but highly sensitive paddle flow switch suitable for a wide range of flow control applications.

  • 0 To 500v ac 15 Amp S.P.D.T Switch.
  • 3/4 BSP & 3/4 NPT Models available.
  • Diesel models available.
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F Series Installation


The F21 heavy-duty flow switch is a highly sensitive paddle style switch suitable for a wide range of process control applications.

  •     15 OR 20 AMP 500V S.P.D.T. Switch.
  •     1 inch BSP & NPT polypropylene or stainless construction.
  •     Diesel models available
F Series Brochure
F Series Installation


The F25 series flow switch has been specifically developed to fill the need for a flow sensor, capable of working reliably in applications in which metal flow switches fail.

  • Reed switch or solid state output models available.
  • PLC and Control circuits.


F25 Brochure
F25 Installation

Trailing Wire Paddle Switches (Ideal for high flow rates)


TW20 or TW21
The TW is a paddle flow switch with a stainless steel flexible trailing wire paddle.
•    Suitable for high flow rates or semi-solid liquids e.g. Mud.
•    Reed switch or micro switch models available.
•    3/4  & 1 inch BSP & NPT Models available

TW20-21 Brochure
TW20-21 Installation

Time Delay Paddle Flow Switches

Kelco F29 Paddle Switch - Power Control Products


The F29 time delay flow switches are paddle flow switches with built-in digital timers that override the off state of the flow switch and allow a pump to start in spite of an initial lack of flow.

  •     Directly control pumps up to 3.75kW or 5HP.
  •     10 Programmable Timers Built In
  •     240VAC, 24VAC and DC models available.
  •     Start delay timer and off delay timer.
  •     Ideal for bore pumps.
F29 Brochure
F29 Installation
F29 Programming