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ZENER AC Variable Speed Drives

MSC-3 Series


The ZENER MSC-3 is a sensorless Flux Vector variable speed
drive for controlling the speed of a 3 phase induction motor. The
MSC-3 provides full speed control of a motor or process to obtain
optimal speed and efficiency.

The controlled soft start and soft stop also provides additional
benefits; reducing mechanical stresses, maintenance costs &
eliminating water hammer on pumping applications.

The MSC-3 can provide significant energy savings especially on
pumps and fan applications. The built-in PID controller with
hibernation provides an automated pump control system which
operates on demand.

The Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) control in
conjunction with Zeners ‘Flux’ Controlled algorithm ensures
maximum torque at all operating speeds whilst minimising the
motor starting/acceleration currents.

Typical starting currents using a MSC-3 compared to other
starting methods are:



The MSC-3 has been designed with the features to suit all
applications and load types. Zener can provide assistance to
determine the best solution to suit your application and the
environment it will operate.

  • General Purpose / Heavy Duty ratings available
  • High Ambient temperature rating (50° +)
  • Full torque available at all speeds
  • Enclosure types to suit environmental conditions
  • Extended I/O capabilities and functionality
  • PID control for temperature or pressure control systems
  • Essential Services Over-ride feature

Ideal For:

The MSC-3 has been designed with the features to suit all applications and load types. Zener can provide assistance to
determine the best solution to suit your application and the
environment it will operate.The MSC-3 is suitable for all load types typically associated with the
following industries.

  • HVACR; Heating ventilation Airconditioning & Refrig.
  • Irrigation & Pump Control
  • Water & Sewerage Applications
  • Mining & Heavy Industry
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Material Handling Applications
  • Wine & Dairy Industry
  • Food & Beverage production
  • Manufacturing

Energy Savings

The MSC-3 can offer significant energy savings by reducing the speed of a pump or fan type load. This may be achieved by manual speed adjustment or using an automated speed control such as a PID pressure control on a pump.

Below are some indicative savings:


Selection of Supply Voltages

The ZENER MSC-3 Series is available for operation on the
following supply voltages:

  • 3L = 208 – 240VAC
  • 3R = 380 – 480VAC
  • 3J = 440 – 600VAC
  • 3V = 950 – 1100VAC
  • 41.5VAC Educational

Inbuilt Protection

The MSC-3 offers in-built protection to protect itself, the motor and the load. This makes the MSC a more robust drive improving the reliability of the equipment, reducing maintenance costs & down time.

  • Protection against output short circuit
  • Motor Overload protection
  • Slow charge circuit allowing unlimited starts per hour or power cycling
  • Over ripple protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Motor Thermistor protection
  • Adjustable Current limit

Single Phase operation

The ZENER MSC-3 Series is designed to also operate from a single phase supply to provide a 3 phase output.

240V Single Phase to 240V 3 Phase
REF. S1: P9, P17

  • 3L: 240V Single Phase Input / 240V 3 Phase Output

SWER Supplies: 480V 1Phase to 415V 3 Phase REF. S1: P9

  • 3R: 480V single Phase Input / 415V 3 Phase Output Commonly known as a SWER (Single Wire Earth Return) line

i) To operate drive on a Single Phase 380 to 480Vac supply
derating (50%) is required.
ii) For all Single Phase installations a DC bus Choke is required.

Integral EMC Filter

The MSC-3 marked with the symbol come standard with an integral EMC filter for comliance with the Australian standard AS61800.3, the Australian EMC framework and C-tick requirements.

The industry standard for variable speed drives is AS61800.3, 2nd Environment (industrial) C3 category. For additional EMC/RFI mitigation or compliance to other standards
an appropriate input or output filters may be required.

Enclosure IP Ratings

The ZENER MSC-3 Series is available in various types of enclosures to suit different environments. The IP66 model protects the internal electronics against the ingress of dust & water.

A heatsink chamber seperate from the electronics ensures optimal heat dissipation without the use of fan filters.

  • IP30
  • IP66 / IP54
  • Stainless Steel IP66

FS2 Firmware

MSC-3 models R220 and above have FS2 firmware as standard. This can be installed on smaller models as an option.

FS2 firmware provides the following:

  • Hibernation (Sleep) Function for pump control
  • Motor resync. ‘Catch on the fly’
  • Timer/comparator & Alarm functions
  • Multiple display readout


Zener VSDs also known as VVVF or Variable Frequency Drives are available in sizes from 3.6 to 490 amps.

MSC-3 Series

MSC-3 Selection Chart

Instruction Manual: MSC-3 Series

MSC-3R Selection Table
380-480Vac 3 Phase, with EMC Filter


ZENER AC Variable Speed Drives

MSC-3 Series
MSC-3V Selection Table
950-1100Vac 3 Phase