Friday, February 23, 2018

FT1A Controllers

FT1A controllers are designed for a range of applications that demand powerful and abundant features.

Available with 12, 24, 40 and 48 I/O with and without embedded LCD/keypad, these controllers enable engineers to design cost-effective solutions.

Universal Voltages

24V DC or 100-240V AC

Smart LCD Screen

The display (24 digits x 4 lines) can provide visual feedback of system status, I/O status, user configurable messages with dynamic data, bar graph, and ladder program monitor and controls.

Non-LCD Model

FT1A controllers are also available without embedded LCD/keypad. It’s a cost-effective, tamper-proof solution.

USB mini-B

With the USB mini-B port, communication with FT1A controllers is extremely convenient as standard USB Type A to mini-B cables can be used.

Memory Cartridge

The optional memory cartridge can be used to easily transfer programs from the internal ROM memory of FT1A controllers to a memory cartridge or vice versa.

It’s a convenient method to update the PLC program in the field.