Friday, February 23, 2018


Pre-Insulated Terminals

CARROLL compression crimping produces crimps for a given size wire and terminal that are precisely alike in appearance and performance.

This calculated result is made possible by designing the terminal and crimping tool as precisely matched devices.

For every terminal or lug, there is a Quikcrimper tool precision matched to provide a fast, dependable method of application.

Vinyl Grip

Vinyl Grip terminals and splices incorporate a hard, strong vinyl insulation sleeve; they provide complete reliability where the circuitry necessitates an insulated connection but operating conditions do not call for a permanent grip on the wire insulation.


Featuring short wire barrels, these terminals and splices are designed specifically for solid, stranded and irregularly shaped conductors.

The termination is characterised by a “W” indent crimp, which locates the conductor in a central position making full surface area contact between the barrel and conductor.


These specialised crimp terminals incorporate a colour coded, heat shrinkable, adhesive lined insulation.

This provides a moisture-resistant seal to insulate and protect connections from environmental abuse, wire pullout, abrasion and contaminates.